Delivering better performing mobile journeys

We Mobylise™ Insurance
by maximising mobile opportunities:

Powerhouse mobile acquisition strategies for insurance
Creating innovative mobile journeys from search to quote and beyond
Planning & delivering successful campaigns to drive mobile engagement
Design and build compelling insurance mobile platforms, websites & apps
Harness the power of customer data through the latest technologies

Mobile Marketing & Media

Deliver or improve mobile customer acquisition journeys with Mobylise™

Media and channels that start the customers journey and drive customer acquisition, such as mobile optimised advertising, PR, search, social and content, that carry insurance customers to mobile sites differ. To capitalise on this uniqueness and drive improved cost per lead (CPL) and ultimately CPA’s, is what we’re about.

We work with insurance companies to devise innovative mobile acquisition strategies, promotions and activities to increase valuable mobile traffic, sharing, quotes and conversion rates. We help start the customer journey to insurance in an integrated and powerful way. Let us get you in the mobile game.

Mobile Experiences – Insurance

Deliver powerful onsite customer experience with Mobylise™

The growing percentage of mobile transactions in insurance will drive a mobile transformation within the industry over the next year or so. It’s one of the greatest opportunities that exists alongside the transition to connected insurance.

By creating more powerful and engaging onsite brand experiences for insurers, that are faster, easier and simpler to use on mobile, we can help improve commercial performance.

Innovating new quote & buy journeys with use of available data, intuitive transaction process, cross and up-selling, we can help progress the insurance sector from the painful desktop experiences delivered on mobile, to something customers can make quick and better-informed decisions on.

Providing a better mobile environment, also helps reduce the business-critical CPA’s through improved mobile ratings on search engines and creating better integration across other distribution channels that operate across mobile.


Mobile Relationships

Lifetime Value – Create profitable and engaging mobile relationships with Mobylise™

Building lasting relationships beyond the quote and buy journey has posed the insurance sector with a challenge. Some insurers recognised that by providing a mobile engagement platform that wraps around the customers life and builds a bridge between them and the product, creates sustainable and valuable relationships. Maintaining that connection and relationship is vital.

We help by working with our insurance partners to implement strategies, tactics and campaigns that go beyond the obvious to build brand relationships that empower cross-selling, improved retention and sharing to generate customers from customers – all on the mobile platform.


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