Mobile Personalisation & Automation


How do you Strike the Right Balance Between Mobile Personalisation & an Automated Service?

Technology is impacting consumer preferences and companies have to move faster than ever to adopt a customer-centric mindset. But, customers also want personalisation. In an increasingly mobile world with self-service on the rise, customers are still looking for a 1 to 1 relationship and a personal touch.

The challenge for marketers is how to achieve this delicate balancing act.  We’ve come up with a four point plan to help get you started.

1. Customers are not just data points

I remember hearing a story a few years back about a media agency putting a stack of cash on each planners desk.  Representing how much money they were spending each day for their clients.  Whilst a little dramatic it helped ensure that the media teams got a sense of the scale of what they were doing.  They were not just looking at numbers on a spreadsheet any more.

Try to ensure your teams and you also think about customers as more than just digital data points.  This also ensures the ‘personal’ never gets taken over by the automated processes that any modern business now needs.   Don’t ever forget that your customers aren’t just data points, they are humans.  They may be even harder to identify on a mobile device vs a desktop, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an individual that needs to be treated carefully and with respect.


2. Recognise that personal methods of communication work best

Reaching a customer on their phone or speaking to them face to face is a more personal method of communication, and it will achieve more than a digital communication, even if it’s personalised.  But what we now see more and more are automated communications made to seem personal.  When these work, they save time, effort and likely mean you have a more satisfied customer.  They will likely have been responded to quicker and more efficiently than if they had had to wait for a person to get back to them.

However, we all know that these things are actually often not working.

We recommend to get your processes to acknowledge that the best form of communication is personal.  But because customers often want speed of response, truthfully utilise automation to help them wherever possible to get to the information they need quickly.  This truthful approach can often achieve more than hiding the automation behind a cloak of invisibility, that is all too easier to see through.


3. Keep person lines of communication open

Now you’ve acknowledged that the personal works best, you need to try methods to keep those personal lines open.  Call centres are expensive to create and efficiently run.  But if you want to be known for having great customer service, or even just not be known for having bad service, then it may have to be part of your plans.  Consider how to make email and live chat processes work, quickly and efficiently.  This can also make a huge difference to satisfaction levels.  You won’t know issues customers are having unless you make yourselves accessible and easy to communicate with.


4. Create well placed automation to assist customers

A chatbot with access to FAQs, or an automated email response with links to information can help defuse issues.  Equally they can help drive sales, by answering queries quickly and efficiently.  But don’t think that you can just leave them running and never go back to them.  They take ongoing support and time to ensure they are really helping customers, rather than just removing a daily task for you or your team.

The fundamental truth is that you cannot just rely on automated digital communications to sustain your brand long term.  What we recommend you do is utilise automation to enable customers fast access to information.  Striking a balance between providing an easy, more automated mobile experience while also making sure customers feel heard and appreciated.


What Next?

If you’d like to discuss more about how to strike the right balance between automation and 1:1 communications then please do get in touch.  Contact Mobylise today