What Should My Mobile Strategy Be?


Nearly every organisation we’ve worked with has had a marketing strategy. Some have a digital strategy. But few were prepared with a mobile strategy, despite the massive shift in volumes of traffic to mobile.

Let’s be completely honest about this firstly – not every business needs a mobile strategy yet, but most do! It all depends on whether there are sufficient volumes of traffic/visitors or a specific business need.

What to consider?

The first thing to consider is whether you’re getting enough traffic, and if there’s a customer need for a specific mobile strategy. It might be that your market hasn’t developed in this area yet, or your specific business doesn’t have the resources.

Your mobile strategy is defined by the volumes of traffic that you are receiving.  And while mobile use will continue growing for both consumer markets and B2B, it may be that your organisation has a small percentage of traffic from mobile, or that your audience has little need to engage via mobile. On this basis, it may well not be the best time to invest significant time and resources.

In our experience, future planning and feasibility studies are key for understanding where audiences will be in the next 12-24 months, and defining whether there is a commercial or competitive advantage in developing a ‘mobile first’ strategy.

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